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Food brings people together. It’s all about sharing and you can trust us to enhance this experience. Our condiments will get the conversation going at the table. We aim to be among the top condiment manufacturers in Kenya, with the intention of seeing our products in every restaurant, home and fast-food outlet.


Locally produced tomato sauce

Fleefol tomato sauce is specially made to awaken your taste buds. We don’t compromise on the quality of tomatoes we use so that our sauce is always fresh and full of flavour. Fleefol tomato sauce is conveniently packed in sachets and bottles and is loved for its natural colour, density and taste.

High quality natural honey

Our delicious honey is beautifully packaged in blister packs for ease of use and storage. We source it naturally from farms, process it for longevity and pack it with care. Fleefol honey is made from a blend of best honeys from across Kenya. We combine honey from different floral sources and geographical regions for the richest of flavours, colour and density. Fleefol honey is healthy, pure and tasty, with no added sucrose and zero pesticide residues.


Terrific customer service

The focus of our business remains to create partnerships with our suppliers and customers.

We also take pride in giving farmers premium prices for their produce, as well as offering competitive prices for our products.
If you are looking for a reliable supply of honey or tomato sauce, Midrow Kenya is at your service – every day of the year.